A progressive general store. 

Catchtilly is a progressive general store in Austin, Texas hinging on all things smoke related. Thoughtful design and positive vibes are our central focus at Catchtilly, where we aim to elevate the smoking experience. Carefully curated goods coupled with a warm, approachable atmosphere set us apart from the pack.

What's in a name?

The name Catchtilly came about during founder Amanda Farris' days in film school. Tasked with coming up with a moniker to create under, her uncatchable cat came to mind. His name was Tilly and after repeatedly being told to catch Tilly, it just stuck! 


Catchtilly was founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurial gals who saw a serious hole in the recreational market. Head shops are, more often than not, dingy wastelands that are pretty tough to enjoy -- particularly for us ladies. Boy's club comes to mind. After being given the "are you sure you're not lost, miss" look far too many times, after feeling "meh" at best with the generic selection, after shelling out way too much for sub-par pieces they decided enough is enough. Why not present all things smoke related in a boutique setting? Why not sell goods made by artisans rather than factory workers? Why not specialize? They couldn't think of a good reason not to, so they did!

Catchtilly is Amanda Farris, of Sister Coffee, and Laura Uhlir, of Olive.